Canyon Spectral:ON CF

Spectral:ON CF

Canyon Spectral:ON CF

Every ride just became more fun

It lives to get rowdy. The Spectral:ON CF, the original mullet E-MTB, returns…and it’s lighter, more powerful, and just as awesomely playful as before.

Pick your power

Canyon Spectral:ON
  • Battery Capacity 900*/720 Wh
  • Motor Shimano EP8
  • Range 100km/2130vm**
Range anxiety—the fear that you’ll suddenly run out of power—sucks. So, we eliminated it. The Spectral:ON comes with a choice between our brand-new, self-developed 900* and 720Wh batteries which boost your mileage and stoke factor over standard full-size batteries by a whopping 42% and 15% respectively.

*Not available for size small frames
**Not available for CF 9
***Depending on rider weight, ride mode and pedal efficiency
Canyon Spectral:ON CF

Lighter. Stiffer. Stronger.

A new, completely re-designed frame, all-new carbon layup schedules and an even more efficient frame architecture enabled us to gain strength while shearing grams. As befits a bike that’s designed to be rallied hard, both the CF and CFR frames now meet even higher and more rigorous “Category 4E” standards.

Spectral:ON CFR LTD
Spectral:ON CFR
The Dream Build
  • Color: Deep Space
Spectral:ON CF 8
Spectral:ON CF
Carbon frame, aluminium price.
  • Color: Stealth
  • Color: Green Vastness

Dream build or budget baller

The ultimate dream build

Revolutionary RockShox Flight Attendant suspension, wireless SRAM AXS and a 720 Wh battery at just 22.05 kg – E-MTBs don't get any better than this.
Carbon frame, aluminium price

More fun than you can shake a stick at. Playfulness and capability meet massive range and great value.
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  • Spectral:ON CF 7
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Infinit Red
    • Color: Boundless Grey
    Spectral:ON CF 7
    Shimano Steps EP8 Motor, Rock Shox Lyrik Select
    From 9,149 AU$
    or from 1,524.83 AU$/Mo.
  • Spectral:ON CF 8
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Green Vastness
    Spectral:ON CF 8
    Fox 36 Rhythm Grip, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    From 10,399 AU$
    or from 1,733.17 AU$/Mo.
  • Spectral:ON CF 9
    Color only available to members. Register .
    • Color: Stealth
    • Color: Eternal Blue
    Spectral:ON CF 9
    Fox Performance Grip 2, Shimano Steps EP8 Motor
    11,949 AU$
    or from 1,991.50 AU$/Mo.
Canyon Spectral:ON
Fully specc’d Spectral
Canyon-engineered custom bottle cages and storage bags, pedals, tubeless kits – you name it, we’ve got it.

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