Warranty & Guarantee

When you buy from Canyon, your bike is covered by an extended manufacturer guarantee in addition to the legally required warranty.

  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Guarantee 6 Years
It’s important to us that your bike is always in good condition, and that you remain completely satisfied with it. However, if issues should arise, in addition to the legal warranty you have, we also offer a 6-year guarantee on our frames, Canyon-engineered components, and forks for racing bikes, triathlon bikes and commuter bikes from the date of purchase.

Warranty & Guarantee
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  • Warranty
    • 2 years from date of delivery
    • Independent of owner
    • Only for material and processing defects that already existed on delivery
    • We pay costs for rebuilding, shipping and customs (if applicable)
  • Guarantee
    • 6 years from date of purchase
    • Only for the first owner
    • Only for material and processing defects which already existed on delivery
    • On all Canyon-manufactured parts (frame, road bike fork, cockpit, etc.)
    • Rebuilding, shipping and customs (if applicable) are paid for by the owner
Register your warranty or guarantee request in 4 steps
  • Register your warranty/guarantee request by clicking the button below.

    Upload a photo of your receipt.
  • After checking and approving your request, we will send you a shipping label (for customers in Germany) or arrange the return with UPS (for customers outside Germany).
  • Pack your bike securely in the Bike Guard (or repack your accessories) and stick the return label on the package or hand it over to UPS.
  • As soon as we have checked your bike, we will discuss the next steps with you.

Please note:
  • If you damaged your bike in a crash, please report the damage, including pictures, using the ‘Crash replacement’ form. More information.
  • The damaged item must always be sent to us for inspection.
  • In our reboxing videos you can see how to securely store your bike in the Bike Guard for return shipment (see below).
  • Guarantee: If the item to be replaced is no longer available in the original colour, you will receive a different colour or an upgrade to the successor model.
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